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Ugh… Here it is, 2pm on a Thursday. I should be writing an article about Amsterdam for my travel blog, but instead I find myself here on my newer marketing blog. This is a typical day for me — switching between one of my three current jobs /slash/ careers. I don’t really know what I am today or what I do everyday. This is what it’s like to work professionally as a digital marketer and a blogger… Always shuttling between my different jobs, while trying to maintain authenticity.

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I received the following infographic in my inbox this morning and while I have approximately one million other things on my to-do list, writing this blog post just seems like more fun. That’s where I’m at today as a digital marketer / travel blogger / freelance writer — some days you just have to go with your gut and do the things that will make you happy. And today it’s writing about digital marketing.

As an experienced and successful blogger, there are some unique aspects of digital marketing that work to my advantage. Outreach is certainly easier. Credibility is a little more difficult to define. Social media marketing works better as a lifestyle/travel blogger — I’m able to connect with other brands, businesses, bloggers and potential partners on a more personable level. The nature of my travel blog also works to my advantage—with a large following (I hit one million pageviews in 2014!), I’ve got quite a bit of clout in the travel industry so finding marketing partners as a online marketing manager has always been easier. I’m often approached as a blogger by other digital marketers, and when it’s not a relevant fit for my blog, sometimes it’s a relevant fit for my client — and that works to my advantage. Sometimes it’s a relevant fit for both my blog and my client, making it a triple win situation for everyone.

Anyways, the infographic below is a nice synopsis of the types of things I have to do as a digital marketer — except as a full-time blogger as well, part of my job entails a lot more social media usage and a lot more time writing blog posts and other content.

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